Citrus Quinoa Salad_Katherine Sacks
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Quinoa Citrus Salad

I’ve still been thinking a lot about inspiration: Where does it come from? Why do we get into the kitchen and cook a specific recipe? This week my inspiration comes from a recent meal: I joined friends a few weeks ago at a new restaurant in Buschwick and someone suggested a crunchy quinoa salad with citrus vinaigrette. The dish came out as a big billowing bowl of fluffy quinoa that was so delicious I managed to completely finish it off. I’ve been thinking of it since, and the combination is so simple, I decided to put together a version myself.

I had planned on crisping up some of the quinoa to add crunch, but in a combination of haste and laziness, I left the container of cooked quinoa in the fridge overnight, uncovered, and the top layer developed a nice, firm crunch. Not sure if that’s a pro tip, but it worked. If you do want to try crisping up some of the quinoa, take ½ cup of the cooked and cooled quinoa and lightly fry in vegetable oil. I plan on eating this salad over some chopped kale as my lunchtime salads this week, but it also makes a nice side dish for a group dinner.

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