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A history of blogs

Food blogging has run the gamut from chat forums to Hollywood fame.

Saveur recently held online voting for their second annual Best Food Blogs Awards, and put up this great timeline to go along with it. Looking over the many great cooking blogs out there, I’m reminiscent of my own entry into the blogosphere. Although I knew for many years that I wanted to be a food writer, I spent the first part of my career focused on the food: getting a culinary degree and then heading to some of the best kitchens in LA. But I was antsy to start writing and, inspired by great sites like Orangette and MattBites, my blog was born in mid-Spetmeber of 2007. I was working as a pastry cook at Spago Beverly Hills at the time, and finding a moment to test recipes, take pictures and write posts for La Vita Cucinare seemed a huge task. But slowly I found a focus, improved my photography and writing skills, and made headway in the world wide web.

Starting off in 2007 puts me right in the middle of the food-blog-boom. By this time cooks, chefs and photographers all over the globe had joined in; Chowhound was founded ten years prior! and sites like the Julie/Julia Project and 101 Cookbooks made food-blogging a mainstream term. Now-a-days it seems every big name is putting out a cookbook — Matt Armendiz just published the wonderfully fun On a Stick, and Deb from SmittenKitchen and Aran Goyoaga from Cannelle et Vanille slip coy references to their own forthcoming books into every new post. Bloggers have landed television shows, the James Beard Awards now feature a blogging category, and many food-bloggers, who may also be big name chefs or even celebrities, have become household names.

But I didn’t start La Vita Cucinare to find fame and fortune on the Internet; I just wanted to write and share my love of food with any reader who bothered to stop by. It’s been such a learning process — from (attempting) graphic design to working out my frequency of posts to really understanding photography (which I still struggle with!) — but it’s also been a true labor of love. I’ve met so many interesting people and have had so much encouragement, that I’ll continue posting, no matter where my name lands in the history of blogs. And with that, all I can say is thanks once again to my devoted readers and the many people who help me make La Vita Cuinare the best it can be.

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