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New York City in Pictures

Lunch at Shake Shack, dinner at Eat and a few pretty butterflies along the way.

I spent a few days in New York City last week, taking in the hot weather, culture and intense life all around me. Every visit I make to this city always brings me new places to explore, or something I haven’t done yet; I may have been there for business, but I couldn’t help stopping at a few food destinations along the way. It’s a wonder I hadn’t been to Shake Shack before, but the creamy milkshake and rich burger made a wonderful sunny lunch in the park. Later I strolled through the nearby Eatly, Mario Batali’s impressive mecca to all things Italy. Heading to the train, I noticed a beautiful window display of live butterflies called Wish for Women. It’s created by Women In Need and Alpina Wish Space, who release a butterfly into the habitat for every wish/donation that is made. The next night, I had a quick dinner at Greenpoint’s Eat, a restaurant dedicated to sustainable, local and delicious foods. The sweet raspberry juice and rustic barley salad, brightened with spicy radish shavings, cucumber and dill, was the perfect bite before I rushed to catch my flight back to Chicago.

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