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Weekend Inspiration: Love

This weekend TH and I are headed to our good friends’ Rebecca and Ellery’s wedding. We couldn’t be more happy for them! And while this year certainly seems to be the year of weddings (we have five happy couples to see off), it’s also been a year filled with new starts, stresses, and a little bit of sorrow.

When all the details of life pile up—for us it’s been packing up and moving four times, finding and starting new jobs, the loss of loved ones, and the rush of a new city—sometimes you really have to take a moment to breath and appreciate the love that surrounds you.

And there is nothing like a happy couple, and a gorgeous wedding, to remind me of how lucky I am for my own love. The constant hostess in me really adores attending these soirees; getting dressed up, drinking champagne, and dancing with friends. But more than a fancy party, a wedding reminds me of all the wonderful things in my life. So this weekend I am inspired by Rebecca and Ellery, and encourage you to take a minute to breath through the stress and remember the love in your life.

(And thanks to my friends Derrick and Kelsy, who let me take a photo of their lovely hand-holding for this post!)

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