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Weekend Inspiration: Food Journals

In the age of digital publication and food bloggers—when the news constantly covers the decrease in traditional print books—it’s been lovely to see so many new, beautiful, inviting, and independently published food journals and magazines. From the graphic pop-art of David Chang’s Lucky Peach and the sweet stories and artful photos in Kinfolk Magazine to the bold colors and friendly recipes in Remedy Quarterly, food journals are suddenly complety in vogue. And I’m finding new publications everyday—I recently discovered the new Scandinavian pub FOOL on twitter and a stop into Williamsburg’s charming Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers uncovered the farming-focused Wilder Quarterly. This weekend I’m spending a little R&R with these magazines, inspired by the stories, recipes, and profiles inside. And I encourage you to pick up a copy of one of these publications (or perhaps one I haven’t found yet!) the next time you see them!


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