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Weekend Inspiration: Grow Something

It may be August, but if you haven’t already started your summer garden, it’s still not too late! It’s been a month since TH and I moved into our new apartment, and we’ve made prime use of our narrow balcony, packing two windowsill boxes with late summer seeds. (We picked up several packets of heirloom seeds on our recent birthday trip to Stone Barns.)  The swiss chard is just coming up in a puff of bright color, and the arugula is almost big enough to put on sandwiches! And I can’t wait until our basil blooms—I’m ready for pesto!

The idea of an entire garden may be daunting, but lettuces and herbs grow quickly—arugula, red leaf lettuce, basil, and cilantro are all easy to start with—and can even be grown in a pot or jar on your kitchen windowsill. So this weekend, pick up a small container, a packet of seeds, and grow something!



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