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Weekend Inspiration: San Francisco

San Francisco Lubitel Photo

Inspiration abounds in San Francisco, with it’s beautiful landscapes and bounty of incredible produce. I fell in love with the city on my first visit in 2006 and I’ve traipsed up and down its hills as often as I can since. (The photo above was snapped during a 2009 trip with my Lubitel camera.) One of the things I miss the most about living in California is the farmers markets, and San Francisco has one of my favorites, at downtown’s Ferry Building. I’ll share a beautiful plum tart on Monday with some of my recent SF spoils.

I was lucky enough to find even more inspiration in my travels to this city last week, as I tasted with some of San Francisco’s true culinary talent. From my first bite of escargot caviar (yep, earthy snail eggs!) to the divine culinary artistry of Dominique Crenn, it was a trip I’ll never forget. Whether it’s an incredible meal, the city’s booming coffee culture, one of the many picturesque museums (I managed a visit to the Legion of Honor this time around), or the hillside cityscapes, I can’t get enough of this west coast city. Luckily, my job is sending me back next week!


  1. The chef we tasted them with, Matthew Dolan of Twenty Five Lusk, explained that snail eggs form the same way as fish eggs. They are very similar in size and look to traditional caviar, except escargot caviar is white. Rather then taste like the ocean, the flavor is very earthy.

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