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Homemade Thin Mints

Homemade Thin Mints As I made the move to Berlin, my StarChefs workmate Emily also made a move, to Snooth Eats, where she’s running the editorial coverage. The website features great wine tips along with an interesting mix of recipes, food news, and cooking knowledge, so it was easy to say yes when she asked if I would contribute some how-to recipes. As you can probably tell from this site, I love to write and test recipes, so it’s exciting for me to have another venue to do it for.

My first contribution are these delicious “Thin Mint” style cookies. It’s a recipe I started playing around with when I worked at Bastide in Los Angeles; the final course of our tasting menu was a sweet bite that we bagged and gave as a take-home treat. We made a variety of cookies and sweets, but these mint cookies were one of my favorite items.

The cookie is a slightly sweetened pate brisée, which gives a nice flaky bite. I add mint extract to both the cookie dough and chocolate covering, so they end up super infused with minty flavor. To make your own batch, check out the recipe and baking tips on Snooth Eats. I think they’d make a fabulous addition to Easter basket treats!


    • Hi Suzy,

      I like to keep these cookies (and the Girl Scout version) in the freezer, where they stay nice and crisp and extra minty. These ones stay crisp for a few days on their own on the counter. And they do taste quite similar.

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