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Doughnuts in Berlin

I spent a few weeks last month eating my way through Berlin’s doughnuts, going from bakery to bakery in a search for the best pfannkuchen. Tough job, I know. Although most people are familiar with the JFK Berliner story, the infamous jelly doughnut is actually called pfannkuchen in Germany’s capital, and goes by a variety of names in Central and Southern Germany. But whatever it’s called, these fluffy, jam-filled doughnuts are delicious.

Although you can find them all over the city, I searched out the best, deeply fried with bright cherry or deep plum filling. I’m still dreaming about the crispy doughnuts from Bäckerei & Konditori W. Balzer, one of my top places in the city so far for German baked goods of any kind. Their pretzel shaped doughnuts were just plain fun and the pfannkuchen were incredible, light and airy, not too sweet, and deep golden brown . For the rest of my favorite finds and more pfannkuchen information, check out my piece for Serious Eats.


  1. I’m always smiling when I call a Berliner a Pfannkuchen and someone from the South seems to be a little bit confused. (By the way, it’s how people call it also in Eastern Germany.) The interesting point is, that in Southern Germany a Pfannkuchen means something completely different: a crèpe. But for that people from Berlin and the East use the word Eierkuchen :-)

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