Chocolate Coconut Buckwheat Granola_Katherine Sacks
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Choco-Coco Buckwheat Granola

Life in Europe in 2014 was all about traveling—from Wernigerode, Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden, and Meissen in Germany, to Austria, Amsterdam, Paris, Ireland, Montenegro, Croatia, and Norway elsewhere, I can’t believe how much we packed in! I feel so lucky and blessed for each experience, all the wonderful friends that came into my life, and the many happy and unforgettable memories. But as much as I loved zipping around, now that I’ve found myself back in New York, I’m looking forward to a year of settling in, developing the kinds of habits it’s hard to keep up with when you’re constantly jet setting.

With the start of the new year, I’m excited to reestablish some much loved kitchen routines—meal planning, preserving, and big-batch cooking homemade favorites, like this delicious granola. Although it’s a new recipe, I’m already certain it will be a go-to snack: I love the crunch of toasted buckwheat, and the combination of cinnamon, orange zest, coconut, and chocolate is always a winner. I like my granola not-too-sweet, but if you’d prefer it on the sweeter side (or want it to clump into clusters), increase the honey to ½ cup and add a ¼ cup brown sugar. I’ve used almonds because I had them, but hazelnuts, walnuts, or pecans would all work as well.

This year I also want to finally start making my own yogurt (more on that next week), kombucha, and maybe even brew some beer. And I also want to push myself out of my culinary comforts and try out some totally new and more challenging recipes. So while I certainly plan to travel this year (I already have a few trips in the works!), I’m excited to feel deliciously settled in the kitchen in 2015. Happy new year and cheers to all your 2015 resolutions!

Chocolate Coconut Buckwheat Granola_Katherine Sacks

Choco-Coco Buckwheat Granola, adapted from My New Roots
Yield: 8 cups
1½ cups buckwheat
3 cups oats
1 cup coconut flakes
1 cup almonds, rough chopped
¼ cup chia seeds
½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup honey
½ teaspoon fine grain sea salt

1 tablespoon cinnamon
tablespoon grated ginger 
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 orange, zested
½ cup cocoa powder

Preheat the oven to 325°F. In a large bowl combine the buckwheat, oats, coconut flakes, almonds, and chia seeds. In a small saucepan, melt the coconut oil over low heat. When melted, whisk in the honey, salt, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and orange zest. When smooth, whisk in the cocoa powder. Pour liquid over dry ingredients and fold until well combined.

Line a sheet tray with parchment or a baking mat and spread the mixture out in an even layer on the tray.Push down with the back of a spatula to ensure that the mixture is compact. Bake for 15 minutes, then toss and bake for another 15 minutes. When the granola smells aromatic and toasted, taste an almond. It should taste nutty and toasted. If not, continue to cook, stirring every 3 to 4 minutes until the almonds taste roasted. Cool and store in a sealed container at room temperature for 1 month or in the freezer up to 3 months.

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