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Sesame Smoothie_Katherine Sacks
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Sesame-Peanut Butter Smoothie

At the end of last year, I got really into making smoothies. For a while, I was making them everyday, combinations of thick German yogurt, nut butter, and whatever fruit I had on hand. But shuffling around homes, which I’ve done a lot of these past few months, doesn’t always allow for such luxuries. (You need a blender to make a smoothie, and mine’s still in Berlin!) Luckily, a few weekends ago I got hold of a blender and was able to make this delicious spiced smoothie.

My take on this recipe, originally a raw eggnog from My New Roots, swaps in peanut butter, some homemade yogurt, and sesame seeds for a creamy, sweet, and nutritious drink.  There’s potassium from the banana, protein from the nut butter, and fiber from the sesame seeds. Soaking the sesame and flax seeds overnight helps create a smoother texture, and the spices help add that eggnog flavor. Creamy and delicious, it makes a great start to the day or mid afternoon snack. Read More

Amaro Smash_ Katherine Sacks
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Amaro Smash

I may have already mentioned that I turned 30 this year, but I never did get around to sharing photos from my fabulous summer birthday trip to Croatia. My sister joined me there and we enjoyed several dinners finished off with a glass or two of amaro. Although it’s an Italian digestif, it felt festive and fitting in the warm climate. It also felt grown up in a way, and, as an official 30-year-old adult, I decided amaro would be my new go-to drink.

Fast forward a few months and amaro still feels festive. Rather then just drink it on the rocks (although it’s delicious that way), I like this smash, a muddling of orange, mint, and amaro topped with grapefruit or blood orange soda. A little sweet, a little bitter, and very herbaceous, it’s my new 30s signature cocktail (cause every gal should have one.) I’ll likely be ringing in the new year with one of these. Whatever you’re drinking, enjoy and Happiest New Year!

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Cold Weather Cuppa

If you’ve been following along with my travels, then you may have noticed I’ve landed back in New York City. And while I miss Berlin terribly, right now this place seems right. (It’s so wonderful being back with friends and family.) But just like Berlin does around this time, New York has turned cold. And then warm. And then cold. In the past two weeks, we’ve had extremely chilly, wish-I-wore-my-winter-coat days, followed by mild, sunny days of autumn splendor. As this type of wishy washy weather is just the kind that will get you sick, it’s no surprise that I came down with a nasty cold when I first arrived on the East Coast. So when I saw this “Cough Suppressant” hot tea posted on Bon Appétit, I knew I would be making a pot as soon as possible.

If the idea of mixing savory herbs like thyme and oregano into a hot drink seems odd, don’t worry, I thought the same thing at first. But not only does this concoction taste great (bright! citrusy! spicy!), the recipe was also based around the healthy qualities in the ingredients. The BA editors explain the why behind each one here, but the gist is that turmeric and oregano are anti-inflammtories, the citrus juice adds a nice dose of Vitamin C, and the raw honey has antibacterial properties. BA also suggests adding garlic, but I couldn’t swallow the idea of drinking garlic-infused tea. Feel free to add, especially if you want the boost of antioxidants and antiviral properties. (I’d rather eat a nice bowl of garlicky pasta.) I also skipped adding the recipe’s suggested almond milk, wanting a brighter, clear and tart tea. The lime juice, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper combine into just that, and the thyme and oregano add just a hint of savory spice. In the future, I’ll probably use a combination of oranges, lemons, and limes for the citrus, and may even throw in some additional spices, like star anise or cinnamon, for a more chai tea flavor. Just be careful: the bright yellow of turmeric stains, so using a glass mug is suggested.

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