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I mentioned on Friday how I inspired I’ve been with all the new food publications popping up lately—everyday I’m finding another one. Our new South Williamsburg home has been another major source of inspiration—we’re right across the street from Marlow & Daughters which tempts me on a daily basis with fresh bread, local meats, and a whole slew of top notch products. And the pages of Diner Journal—produced by Marlow owner Andrew Tarlow—gives a peek inside the cooks and recipes of his restaurants (Marlow & Sons, Diner, Reynard).

I was immediately tempted by this kimchi recipe in the Fall 2011 issue—TH and I have been on a serious kimchi kick lately—and our lovely CSA Partners Trace has been stocking us with tons of cabbage and kale primed for this spicy, tangy, fermented dish.

Although kimchi can seem a bit intimidating, it’s not. With a few additions to your pantry—Korean chile paste, Korean chile powder, fish sauce—you can easily make a batch. The hardest part is waiting a few days, necessary to let the flavors ferment and fully marry, to eat it! And it’s a kind of empty-your-fridge recipe—although the traditional version is made with napa cabbage, you can use whatever veggies you have, including carrots, radishes, cucumber, apple, Asian pear, and as I have done, kale. Once refrigerated, the kimchi will last up to two months, so it’s a great way to preserve some if that end-of-summer produce. Kimchi is a wonderful addition chopped into salads and scrambled eggs, and I’m eager to try this quick kimchi sauce from The Cuisinerd. I’d love to hear how you like to eat kimchi!

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